About Woomentum

Woomentum supports women in the most challenging phase of their entrepreneurial journey, the stage where it all becomes overwhelming: the transition from an idea to an actual business.

How do we make that happen? Through Crowdsourcing. Woomentum offers the space where women entrepreneurs share their challenge, give support,  receive support, inspire each other and solve each other’s  problems. Woomentum is a platform that harnesses that powerful energy that women alone are able to create.

Introduced in 2006, crowdsourcing is the combination of “crowd” and “outsourcing” and describes an online problem-solving and production model. Since then crowdsourcing has turned into a powerful source of expertise, sharing and brainstorming.

Woomentum is going to go even further. We combine:

Crowdsourcing + Human to Human Power + the Her to Her effect.

What do we get? Think of Woomentum as a place where you can ask a question and get an answer by female experts out there. A platform that makes expertise affordable, showcase the best of female entrepreneurs and taps into the deep knowledge of experts in a host of different fields. Have a question? Then ask it, we have just the right person to answer it for you.

Woomentum. Join us.

About The Founder


Mouna Aouri

Founder & Chief Momentum Officer

Mouna is the founder and Chief Momentum Officer of Woomentum.She did her graduate studies in civil Engineering and worked in Japan for seven years. During those years, Mouna worked for international engineering firms in Tokyo such as Sumitomo Group and took regional management roles for the French Vinci Group in Asia. After gaining extensive experience in engineering, marketing and business development, Mouna ran her own consultancy company for five years. She consulted engineering and technology firms on the design and implementation of infrastructure projects in North Africa.Mouna relocated to Singapore in 2011 and now a mother of two daughters.Mouna is passionate about entrepreneurship, engineering and technology. Seeing more women overcome their challenges and succeed in these fields and in business were her drivers to founding Woomentum.

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