Bakipa a female startup in Singapore – A marketplace for family items

Hailing all the way from Australia, Marigold is a super mama, loving wife and a stunning entrepreneur.

Taking a gigantic leap of faith, Marigold decided to quit her job at ANZ Bank to concentrate on her

personal growth and health. Kudos to her on that decision! Teaming up with her husband, the all-
rounder powerhouse came up with a lifestyle mobile application to help fellow parents in Singapore find

global children brands at a steal.


1. Tell us more about yourself!

My husband and I moved to Singapore from Australia 2 years ago and we recently welcomed our baby

girl, Isabelle, who is now 6 months old. Before starting my business I had worked in Banking for 7 years

in a role that required long hours and a lot of travel. The stress took a toll on my health and I was

struggling to fall pregnant, and I felt torn between my desire to have a career but also be able to spend

time with my much-hoped-for baby. I made a scary decision to jump out of the corporate world to get

my health back on track, and sure enough I fell pregnant a few months later.




2. Why did you venture out and start your business: Your story

Bapika is a new mobile app for parents called Bakipa. Bapika was actually inspired by the bad shopping

experience I encountered when shopping for baby products. I found it expensive, difficult and very

limited! So I designed a mobile app to make buying, selling and searching for services easier for parents

in Singapore. That’s when the idea for Bakipa came along and I haven’t looked back since!





3. What were the hiccups/challenges you faced/are facing

The biggest challenge I have faced – and am still facing – is my own fear. I often worry that I don’t have

the necessary skills to run my own business. There are so many uncertainties when you start something

new it’s easy to doubt yourself. But I think becoming a mother has helped me overcome these fears.

When you have a baby you face unknown challenges every day. This forces you to learn to trust yourself

and your decisions.


4. Words of advice to future aspiring entrepreneurs

Believe in yourself and your idea! Reach out to people who can support, inspire or guide you.

Remember, you don’t have to do it alone!

By Woomentum’s staff.