What are your top 3 values in business / business relationships and how do you handle it when somebody violates any or all of them?

I'm curious to know how female entrepreneurs or entrepreneurs in general handle conflict in business or work settings. The conflict may arise after working with others for a very short period of time or for many years. For example, what would you do if a work colleague or business partner betrays you?
I will focus on the top 3 values in business – Values in business relationships to me is a different topic. My top three values in business are accountability, integrity and results focus. Without acc ...
1. Trustworthiness, 2. Ability to listen, 3. Nice-ness. But I am not sure these are the answers you are looking for. It seems like you have several questions there.
Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Utami.
Fab question! My personal belief is that "values are made, not defined". Just by saying "integrity, trust & quality" on your website doesn't really mean anything unless it's ac ...