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@ Developers & @Backend Expert: Having issues with Version 1 Facebook API (Suggestions and good inputs Neede)

Dear developers;

Your advice and suggestions are needed.

 We are using a version 1 facebook API for tracking the likes and comments count for a URL posted. Once a url (eg:  is posted in facebook profile it gets activted. After the url getting posted the api is not revert back with the share response which is delaying in triggering the URL activation status. 

Whenever we post a URL in facebook this API used to ​give an XML output with no of likes, shares, comments etc...
From past 1 week the API is not responding very differently it takes more than a min sometimes more a than 1 hour and sometime it not even getting activated.  

Can I somehow  regulate the API response and get the response at the earliest.

Please revert back..

I don't quite understand the issue here. Are you using Facebook API as a third party ? do you want to improve timeout response time from facebook's server? Can you time out  your API call , ins ...
This is the request we post and get XML response.
Request_url is our coupon code.


 string request_url = txtURLs.Text.Trim();
        request_url = Server.UrlEncode(request_url);
        request_url = "" + request_url;
        lblRequestURL.Text = request_url;
        hplRawResult.NavigateUrl = request_url;
        string Facebook_raw_data = get_web_content(request_url);
        XmlDocument dom = new XmlDocument();
        XmlNodeList root = dom.GetElementsByTagName("link_stat");
        string result = "";
        foreach (XmlNode node in root)
            XmlElement companyElement = (XmlElement)node;
            result += "<b>Adnest Coupon URL: </b>" + companyElement.GetElementsByTagName("url")[0].InnerText + "<br>";
            result += "<b>Shares Count: </b> " + companyElement.GetElementsByTagName("share_count")[0].InnerText + "<br>";
            result += "<b>Likes Count: </b>: " + companyElement.GetElementsByTagName("like_count")[0].InnerText + "<br>";
            result += "<b>Comments Count: </b>: " + companyElement.GetElementsByTagName("comment_count")[0].InnerText + "<br>";
            result += "<b>Total Count: </b>: " + companyElement.GetElementsByTagName("total_count")[0].InnerText + "<br><br><br><br><hr /><br>";
            result += "<b>Clicks Count: </b>: " + companyElement.GetElementsByTagName("click_count")[0].InnerText + "<br>";
            result += "<b>Comments Box Count: </b>: " + companyElement.GetElementsByTagName("commentsbox_count")[0].InnerText + "<br>";
            result += "<hr/><br>";


        ltrResult.Text = result;
Hi Renuka,

Thank you for sharing a psuedo code. Very helpful. Here are my suggestions:

"" + request_url
looks correct to me, However, since you are using Facebook Api version 1, did you try upgrading?

"Developers should expect apps calling API v1.0 to be migrated at any time after April 30th, 2015. The migration will roll out to all apps over the course of a few weeks."

 It appears some of api.facebook calls are deprecated already by facebook. You should try using newer API versions Graph API v2.3.
Thank you....
I will checkout with the version change.