What is your biggest frustration with taking your business / career (in a corporate) to the next level?

Hello lovely ladies of HerCoLab!

I have been having fascinating conversations with my lady friends around the challenges they face while trying to take their business or careers to the next level and I would love to hear about your journey. 

Whether its in the form of inhibiting mindsets (like Impostor Syndrome) or challenges around communicating, selling, positioning, persuasion, etc, I would love to hear about what's getting in your way.

We are definitely not alone in our struggles, so I'm sure your insights would provide solace to other members of the community -  I'm looking to create resources to help ambitious women take their business and lives to the next level, so I'd love to hear about your burning pains and itches you're trying to scratch! :)

Thanks in advance for sharing, and I look forward to reading all your responses!





Dear Satya, I am HongSin, a passionate, loving, and giving person that believes that woman under pressures turns to precious gem. We are more than just survivor. We are resourceful if we opt to lowe ...