How to execute the business idea?

I have a business plan drafted, but I have no idea how to research the target market and no funding or programmer/developer?
Hi Niki, it is always difficult to start a business. What I find it really helpful is to be part of a community of entrepreneurs who go through the same starting up hurdles. Fellow entrepreneurs can a ...
Would you please share more details about your business idea? Then we can give more secific advice. But in the meantime, check out the following resources for entrepreneurs: - Business Model Generat ...

My idea is very simple as to help  SME selling their products via mobile app. Idea is cheap and anyone can build a great idea; however, without execution, what good is it!

Would like to share that when a team is small and resources are very limited, execution is the most challenging part.

Thank you for the kind words and for sharing your perspective resources here.
Dear Niki,

I am from Kuala Lumpur.

I have been down that route few years back.  I noticed the enthusiam part is the biggest challenge. And it is not from my side.  It is the part of the SME participants.  The obstacles and roadblock they build for themselves are sometimes too huge for middle person like you and I to overcome.  The simplest example - packaging.  And the second most important is labelling.  

My advise will be to look and relook, imagine the process of your business model again and again.  Plan for worst case scenario.  If you have limited resources and people, working very closely with only one or two SME participants will help you fine tune your process before you expand or even totally abandon the project.  For me, I am still waiting for this lady to agree to change her packaging.

Hope my 2 cents helped you.