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Hello lovely folks! Bidushi Bhattacharya - a spacetech entrepreneur, is one of our CrowdFundHer Live participants on December 10, 2015. Join in and get to know her here!

Bidushi is a rocket scientist who formerly worked for NASA and has deep experience in spacecraft development and operations, scientific research, and technical writing. After moving to Singapore recently, she has launched her startup - Bhattacharya Space Enterprises - to develop educational and commercial small satellite capabilities in Singapore. Follow her startup here:

Hi Bidushi!

Great to have here. A start-up in space tech sounds unique and interesting!

1) What are the trends you see in space technology education that gets you excited and how does Singapore compare to what you have seen in the west?

2) What kind of projects do you envision to engage the students here in Singapore?

3) Can you also share a bit on your experiences working for NASA and overall thoughts on women in STEM?



Space techhnology education is moving towards broader-based access through hands-on activities, particularly with groups that are traditionally underrepresented in STEM (Science Technology Engineering ...
Bhattacharya Space Enterprises is excited to announce the availability of two exciting projects for students in Singapore.  We have acess to eight laboratory slots for student experiments on ...
At NASA I had the privilege of working on a number of missions, including the Hubble Space Telescope, Mars Rovers, Terra, Galileo, an Spitzer Space Telescope. Many times I've the only woman scientist ...
It is very interesting, now that you mention it. There isn't that much focus on space tech as it is the case in other areas. The 2 projects BSE sound fascinating and should offer a great exposure for the students!  All the very best!
I'm really excited about expanding the role of students, especially girls, in space tech! Thanks for your support.