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Hi ladies! Anuradha Vasudeva, founder of YoCanCan, is one of our participants at CrowdFundHer Live on December 10, 2015. Join in and let’s get talking!

Hi Anu!

Great to have you as one of our entrepreneurs pitching at CrowdFundHer Live!

1) What is the idea behind YoCanCan? What is the repertoire of services you are targeting?  Your brand name is quite unique - can you explain it for us?

2) You are in the very early stages of your entrepreneurial journey. What led you here and what has been your one key learning as a budding entrepreneur?  

About Anu

Anu was born and grew up in a small town in South India. Starting as a software engineer, she spent 9 years in building software products and then became a technical consultant in Sales. With an MBA from INSEAD, she is now venturing out on her own as the founder of YoCanCan. YoCanCan is a platform that allows customers get on-demand access to services by empowering local businesses and Professionals of Singapore to go mobile. Outside of this, she is a trained carnatic classical & western singer and music is an integral part of her life. Follow her journey  on twitter: @anuradhav   

Mobile technology has become ubiquitous and there is a paradigm shift in the way small and medium businesses are run using mobile applications. YoCanCan is an online, mobile-based marketplace to prog ...
Regarding the second question about my entrepreneurial inspiration, journey and my key learning, this is what I think: I have derived lots of inspiration and learning from my husband and his entrepr ...
Hi Anu! Fantastic point on focusing on traction. Especially, with so much going on in the early phases, and different ideas bombarding you  and you want to chase each one of them, one can easily lose focus on the product and traction.

Great insights and thanks very much!