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Hi Ladies! Carrie Nooten, the founder of travel start-up Topo Togo is one of our CrowdFundHer Live participants on December 10, 2015. Join in, get to know her and ask a question too!

Carrie has been broadcast correspondent in Asia (Singapore, Malaysia, China) for 10 years for Radio France, RFI and France 24 TV - through her media production company, Fortune Cookie Prod. Fluent in Mandarin, she has opened newspaper 20 Minutes office in China, and covered general news extensively, from the Sichuan earthquake to the Olympic Games. Prior to that, she had launched and managed a 20 Minutes local office in France. Mother of two, she founded in 2014 Topo Togo which creates new kind of mobile city guides, including the First guide for Kids & Parents to make family travels easier.

Hi Carrie!

Lovely to have you here.

1) How do you see Topo Togo changing the way families travel?

2) How is it different from other travel apps?

3) What are some must-knows based on your own experience when building apps for the children edutainment segment?



1) How do you see TopoTogo changing the way families travel? Do you remember in the 1970s, when people started to travel more and more by themselves, and were not that found of guided tours anymore? ...