I would like to crowdfund for my project and seeking advice on how much and which platform I should use.

1. How do you decide which crowdfunding websites to use?

2. Do the sites take commission from what you raise?

3. Where would you suggest posting something with a more holistic and wellbeing focus? Like a yoga retreat venue that is less about a business and profit than for the good it can do?

4. Is there a limit to what you can raise?

5. Is there a time limit on how long you can post a campaign?

6. Do you work out how much you need to raise, what you are offering and then how many people you need to engage with to be able to raise the money you are asking for? How does that work?
Hi there, Crowdfunding is an amazing way to fundraise while getting validation for your idea or product. However, it is hard work. The amount of preparartion that is involved is usually underestimate ...
Thanks so much Mouna!