More Reasons Crowdfunding Is A Good Idea

Crowdfunding Woomentum Fund

Solve Education! has been very close to our hearts here in Woomentum.  Since 2015, it has been making a difference to various disadvantaged communities in Indonesia and all around the world, more specifically dealing with families who don’t have access to basic education. How? By providing high-level education through interactive games and artificial intelligence (AI) to captivate younger children’s attention. Like many others start-ups with innovative ideas, Solve Education! has faced challenges on funding and  took to crowdfunding to kick off their project.

To the uninitiated, crowdfunding involves a platform, an individual or entity in need of funding, and a community of individuals eager to contribute funds in exchange for rewards and recognition.

For entrepreneurs, crowdfunding is seen as an excellent opportunity to fund a project without the need for sacrificing equity or accumulating debt. A good crowdfunding campaign can also lead to vast, free marketing prospects. Many platforms incorporate social media sharing which makes online exposure more organic rather than forceful and overwhelming to the target audience. Such campaigns are also seen as effective tools in engaging with a more receptive community that can provide insightful feedback and ideas on the proposed project.

Crowdfunding is not only beneficial for entrepreneurs and their projects, but it also brings about rewards and incentives to investors or contributors. Pledging funds and giving feedback can lead to both long and short term rewards such as being recognised as a part of the movement or even receiving free products/services from the project supported.

Here at Woomentum, we focus on providing the best community exposure for all in order to push for their projects to become a reality. By doing so, we strive to help entrepreneurs get the funding they need as well as the recognition they deserve through a dedicated crowdfunding platform for start-ups by and for women. Discover Woomentum.Fund by signing up plus, read more about crowdfunding!

Photo by from Pexels