1. How do I signup?

There are two ways to signup to Hercolab. You can signup using your Linkedin account or using your email address.


2. When I signup with Linkedin are my activities on Hercolab visible on my Linkedin Profile?

Not at all. Signing up with Linkedin is meant 1) to make your signin/signup experience faster, so we only retrieve your email address and your profile picture and 2) for transparency and reputation building purposes. Hercolab users need to know who you are and need to be able to check your public profile on Linkedin.


3. Would I be able to access the Q&A streams without signing up?

No, in order to view the community activities and the Q&A stream, ask a question or submit an answer, it is required to signup to the Hercolab.

When you sign in on Hercolab you will be able to view, access the “Community” page, ask a question and hire an expert.


4. Do I have to pay any fees to signup?

No, Signup is free.


5. Do I have to pay do get answers?

There are two streams of Q&As on Hercolab.

1. Ask a question and get answer for free. No payment transactions are involved.

2. Ask a question, pledge money, get answers from the crowd and pay your answerers.


6. Who can answer a question?

Anyone can answer a question. However, we strongly recommend answerers to reply only to the questions that are relevant to their expertise. Should the question require general business knowledge or referral of resources then for as long as  your answer is helpful and precise please do not hesitate to post it.


 7. Why do I see a “Mobbr” button on the “Collaborate” page?

Mobbr is a wallet based payment system that enables the payment of several users collaborating on one task or a question. When you sign in your account on Hercolab, you will be directed through the one time steps to create your Mobbr account and enable your payment account. Once the payment account is created and topped up, you can start enjoying the incredible crowdsourcing experience.


8. I am a male, can I use Hercolab? 

Hercolab is a crowdsourcing platform that connects female entrepreneurs to female experts, professionals and freelancers. We love the energy that women are able to create when getting together. This is even more so when we talk business and innovation.


9. Can I ask a non business related question?

Hercolab is a space where the community collaborates on various tasks and questions. The topics range from Sales & Marketing, Technology, Skills & Management, HR, Fundraising and many other related topics.


10. What are the criteria for me to participate on Hercolab?

You are a female entrepreneurs seeking a space of trust and high quality experts to help you solve your challenges and take your business to the next level. Youare an expert in your field and enjoy collaborative work.


11. What is mobbr?


12. How do I create an account on Mobbr:




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