The Itch List – A cool female startup in Singapore

Smriti Modi is a young go-getter who is , determined to shake the world out of inertia. Only in her

mid-20s, the enthusiastic explorer has already traveled to 5 continents and has nearly 7 years in

India’s dynamic media industry. Having accomplished most of the dreams she sets out, Smriti hopes to

motivate everyone else to do the same. With her outstanding experiences and ability to interact and

understand different ethnicities in the world, we believe this enterprising globetrotter is a force to be

reckoned with!



1. Tell us something about your start-up?

The Itch List is a platform that will urge people to live their dreams. Most of us have a bucket list

rattling inside our head of crazy things we want to do, places we want to go, stuff we want to learn, and

experiences we want to risk, but never dare to. For example, your dream might be to copy the Mona

Lisa, climb the Eiffel Tower, run a Michelin star kitchen or even make the perfect omelet. The Itch List

will poke you, nudge you, even prick you to get you going on the things you’re itching to do. With the

Itch List, I hope to create a safe community where dreamers can come and support each other to fulfill

their dreams!


2. Why did you decide to do this?

It all started when I first scratched off a dream on my personal bucket list. I have always wanted to learn

scuba diving but never did. In April 2012, I decided to stop making excuses and just do it. Ever since then

I’ve been more empowered to turn my dreams into reality. So every time I scratched a new dream off

my list, I actually itched for more. It’s worse than a rash!

This actually drove me to wonder why most of us never dared to reach our dreams. We procrastinate

and put off our deepest desires for work, family, education…Until something dramatic or disastrous

happen that we decide to start living our dreams. I hope the Itch List will change that.


3. What were the hiccups you faced?

The Itch List is a unique platform, so it was difficult not to add too much functionality lest I complicated

the interface. Creating a simple, user-friendly yet efficient structure was the big functional challenge.


4. How does it fee like running your own start-up?

As this is my first startup, there are a million and one things I am doing by myself. While family and

friends have been extremely supportive and are great sounding boards; no one is in the trenches with

you, so to speak. I guess it’s quite difficult to find someone to relate to at times.


5. Words of advice to future aspiring entrepreneurs

Three words. Just do it. No amount of reading, discussing, planning, and attending workshops can

insulate you from failure. Your best bet is to stop overthinking, put your heart and mind into what you

want to create and just go for it.


By Woomentum’s staff.