Is Entrepreneurship Making You Lonely?


Entrepreneurship is an exciting journey, yet it is also considered to be a lonely one. Our entrepreneurs at Woomentum often share loneliness as one of their most challenging situations to overcome. Most of these entrepreneurs were people who formerly had jobs and careers where their daily routine would include communicating with other people and enjoying the company of others. However, now that they move on to their own journey of entrepreneurship they are no longer part of the crowd. People don’t generally understand nor support entrepreneurship and so entrepreneurs do not have any form of moral or emotional support. According to recent studies, loneliness can in fact, be a silent killer. From causing you excessive stress to making you feel isolated from the rest of the world, loneliness is not something to be taken lightly. If you’re an entrepreneur who’s currently feeling this burden, know that there are a number of ways you can beat the curse. Here are a few tips we’ve gathered from entrepreneurs in our community. Feel free to share your ideas too!

1. Make an Intention to Collaborate with the Right People

The classic mistake entrepreneurs make is to search for understanding from the wrong people. Agreed, we always look for support from our closest friends and family, but unfortunately, for the most of us, families are rarely supportive when we take on a high-risk field as entrepreneurship. We look forward to their understanding, but when we hear things like, ‘get a real job,’ it could be highly discouraging. Therefore, the wise thing to do would be to avoid looking for support from people who you know cannot understand you. Instead, look for support from people who have traveled your path and who have an idea of what you are after. For this purpose, the Internet has been a blessing – join a community like Woomentum and collaborate with the right people. You’ll find that your journey won’t be as lonely and fearsome as you may feel.

2. Network Through Meetings and Conferences

One of the best ways to making connections is by attending meetings, conferences or online courses arranged by industry leaders. The key is to connect and share thoughts and ideas with complete strangers bonded together by a common goal – that of leading your own enterprise. Pro-active entrepreneurs go even a step further – they look for training opportunities and they set up conferences themselves instead of waiting to attend for one. Be proactive, think out of the box and pretty soon, you’ll be friends with some great people who share a common goal with you!

3. Use Co-Working Spaces to Work

Co-working spaces are pretty much heaven-sent for entrepreneurs. They’re created for entrepreneurs, digital nomads, freelancers; basically just anyone who wants to do their own stuff at their own space in a less-distracted and yet professional work environment. For most spaces, you pay a certain amount monthly and you get a complete facilities like a desk of your own, Wi-Fi connection, water, food etc. Co-working spaces are also a great way to make new friends, share ideas and form a strong network. So if you haven’t already yet explored the option of a co-working space, start now!

4. Seek Out Your Team

Entrepreneurship doesn’t have to be a one-man army. Reach out to people and ask for help. Seek for people who you think can become valuable contributors to your company and can add value to it. Keep a team of two or three members who you can frequently catch up, share ideas with and get help as needed. If you don’t have enough capital flow to pay them, look for creative ways to get their help. Maybe swap tasks, give a free service/product or bring them on board with a robust plan. At the end of the day, it’s all about how you can effectively reach out and find your tribe members.

5. Learn to Take One Day at a Time

It is overwhelming, tiring, and sometimes even depressive. But don’t be afraid of these feelings. Beat your loneliness by understanding that each day does not have to be the same. Each day doesn’t have to be boring or redundant and it doesn’t also equally have to be exciting. There are good times and there are bad times – take them as they come and train yourself to remain optimistic. Do not fall under peer pressure, do not crave for understanding from the wrong people and do not be hard on yourself.

Entrepreneurship may be a lonely journey, but you can always combat this feeling and develop a network of supporters who will stand by you.

This is exactly what Woomentum is about! Do share your questions on the forum, or share other strategies you have used  to beat the loneliness on the comments below.

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