Should I market on multiple social media platforms or stick to one?

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“With a start-up targeting millennials, should I be visible across social media platforms, or focus on one big one?”

Tweaking the question to make it more general, we delve into member Lara Dudley’s answer to give light on whether a startup should market using several social media platforms or stick to one?

First things first. Identify your target group before you even start your marketing effort as this will allow you to narrow down your marketing methods, making things easier for you.

As Lara puts it, the point is to nudge “people’s behaviour”. In order to do so, you must know your customers first. They can be segmented into different classifications based on demographics and behaviour. For example, older generation may be less receptive to marketing methods through social media in comparison with the younger generation.

Next, consider what kind of actions you want your target customers to do. It could be to sign up or get them to buy your product. Suitable marketing ideas can then be devised and incorporated to the appropriate social media platform(s).

Whether multiple social media outreach work better than just one depends on your means, audience and overall strategy. Test it out first, evaluate which platforms give the better tractions, and then decide which ones you’ll keep. You should also consider if you or your social media marketer can handle more than one platform — you don’t want to spread yourself too thin. 

For more references, Lara shared links of different social media tools on the Community Forum, as well as more responses from other members. Read all about it here. 

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