The millennial from Denver who blew our mind!

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Meet Aish Narang, a 20-year-old student from the University of Denver who wants to inspire more women her age to become leaders. As part of her school’s leadership programme, she works with a non-profit in Denver to increase financial literacy. Here are some words of wisdom from this amazing millennial!

Women need to stick together

In today’s society, women need to realize that they shouldn’t be competing with each other. We need to stand together and help each other grow. In the race of life, men have a little bit of a head start, and women are still playing catch-up. But that doesn’t mean we have to end up behind them, or even in front of them. We should run the race with the men and finish together.

Two top tips for millennials

 1. Listen and don’t be afraid to ask questions

 It’s okay to admit that you don’t know everything. If someone has experienced something that you haven’t, the closest you can get to that experience is by listening to that person. Everyone likes talking about themselves, but it’s by listening to others that you learn the most.

 2. Hold onto your relationships

Make sure you maintain all your relationships – whether it’s with your teacher or your former boss. You never know how these relationships can help you in the future, or how they might give you the expertise and knowledge you were looking for.

Two top tips for non-millennials

1. Be more supportive than judgmental

Don’t buy into the stereotypes about millennials: every student has the ability to contribute to society, if given the chance. Always be willing to offer your help and to share your experiences. Even though it might seem like millennials aren’t listening to you, they always are.

2. Stick to traditions but be open to change

Don’t be afraid to try new technologies and forms of communication. Yes, social media can have its drawbacks, but it has also connected the world in an unprecedented way. Keep in mind that millennials don’t just use their phones to talk to friends or play games; it’s also their primary way to access information. These new technologies aren’t just a distraction, but a valuable resource.

It’s bright and talented women around the globe who inspire us every day, and make us so hopeful for the future. So the moral of the story is: listen to a millennial today.

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